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Towarzystwo Rozwoju Sadów Karłowych (The Society for Promotion of Dwarf Fruit Orchards) was established 21 years ago upon the initiative of fruit growers. It is a legal entity, and operates on the basis of the statute.

At present, it associates 426 members. The vast majority of our members are college graduates who have run their orchards for many years. These orchards are often passed down from father to son. All of them are recognized producers of fruit and fruit nursery material. They have high professional knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. They have been running well-organized fruit farms for many years, which provide good examples for other orchard owners and fruit nursery owners. They are the ones who have the greatest impact on modernizing apple production in Poland.

The main objective of the Society is to promote modern production, storage and distribution methods of fruit and fruit trees.

TRSK activities:

  • advisory services,
  • supporting Polish fruit growers by organizing trainings, conferences, preparation of fruit crop forecast,
  • providing fruit growers with data according to their needs and expectations,
  • collecting information from domestic and foreign fruit producers and wholesale traders.

For the last six years the Society has organized annual conferences at Horticulture Department of Lublin Science University. It also organizes well-known international horticultural workshops in Limanowa.

Organizing study visits to foreign countries for the members constitutes a vital part of the Society activities. Since 2002, these study visits have included countries such as: Chile, South Africa, China, New Zealand, Australia, USA, countries of Western Europe, Ukraine, Moldova, Southern Russia (Krasnodar), India, Japan, Iran.

Each year in late summer meetings are organized at our members’ orchards during which a current situation in domestic and worldwide horticulture is discussed. Moreover, Society members receive newsletters containing information on current fruit production forecast, changes in production technologies, selection of variety, cost of production and current wholesale prices in Poland and worldwide. These newsletters also contain practical guidelines.

The Society designed model apple, plum and sweet cherry orchards which have been widely implemented.

We have also published various materials on horticulture. This wide range of popularizing activities has resulted in good economic results achieved by horticultural farms which followed our guidelines. Numerous farms and orchards owned by our members have reached the world standards and have had a big impact on the development of Polish horticulture industry.

The Society for Promotion of Dwarf Fruit Orchards is a member of a prestigious international organization called WAPA as well as Eurofel, which prepares apple and pear crop forecasts mainly in Europe. It is the only institution in Poland which provides national apple and pear crop forecasts.

The Society is a member of the Nutrition Policy Council operating at the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Fruit and Vegetable Committee, which works under the Council and which consists of representatives of horticultural organizations (approx.25 people), fruit processing industry and science. So far, it is the only group of experts in Poland which discuss issues of key importance to the domestic horticulture industry. The Chair of the Society is also the Head of the Committee.

The Society is present at meetings of horticultural industries in various European countries. Society members present papers and provide opinions about Polish horticulture. The Society is the only Polish organization which presents opinions on Polish horticultural industry abroad.



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